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Full Body Massage

Unwind from head to toe with our full body massage which is structured to relieve stress, tension, aches and pains and tackle knots and muscle tightness. Working from the temples of the head all the way down to the soles of your feet we work to soothe any held muscle stress or tension from which can be picked up from our busy day-to-day lives. This is the perfect way to indulge and fully unwind.



A full body massage will work to revive your skin and nourish you with relaxing oils perfect for your skin type. It's the perfect nervous system relaxant to help relieve strains from all areas of the body containing pressure points, which in turn can help regulate hormones and promote a healthy sleeping pattern.


A full body massage is a fantastic treatment for anyone and everyone to wind down, relax and give yourself a bit of tlc. This treatment is not suitable for those who are pregnant.


Prepare to be fully relaxed with a really tranquil treatment. We start with a consultation on any ailments or areas of concern.
Your masseuse will then allow you to undress and get comfortable in private. They will then return to perform the treatment. It is important that if any discomfort occurs during treatment, you let your masseuse know so that the massage can be adapted. When the massage is complete your masseuse will cover you with a towel and allow you to rest for 2 minutes and allow you to get dressed in private. You will be then greeted in reception with a refreshment.


Drink plenty of water. Massage and scrubs increase your blood circulation and hydrates your muscle tissues. Kneading and working muscles gets fluid pumping out of the soft tissue and into your circulatory system, where it heads towards your kidneys. Therefore it’s incredibly important to drink water because not only does it flush toxins out of your system, but it ensures that all the good work your massage does doesn’t go to waste!


The number of massages you need will depend on your reason for choosing this treatment. If you want relief from a short-term problems such aching muscles, tension etc. You may want a further massage after 10 days. For longer term problems, you may benefit from a number of treatments over two to three weeks with a follow-up treatment once a month from then on.

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