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Blade and Shade Brows

Also known as '"ombre," shading is a technique done using a special tool that adds depth and definition to the brows for a more natural look. When it comes to shading, it really depends on the look that you’re going for, as well as how much or how little existing hair you have. Do you wear a lot of makeup? Are you missing a lot of your natural eyebrows? If the answer is “yes” to either question, microblading and shading may be the right solution for you. You may want a more bold and dense look for your brows, especially if you have coarse, dark eyebrow hairs. Your artist will make a recommendation for you based on your makeup and what they believe will suit you best, in their expert opinion. We only use tina davies blades and pigments for a truly perfect long lasting result.


1 hour 45 mins


•Fill in any space gaps in the brow area.
•You can wake up with perfect looking brows without doing anything.
•Your brows will look beautiful at all times without the need for make-up.
•Your brows will look naturally groomed at all times.


The blading and shading technique is ideal for clients that: Prefer bolder brows and fill in their eyebrows very solid daily, have no existing eyebrows, have dark coarse hairs in their brow area, have darker skin tones and need more definition, prefer ombre brows.


We recommend that you arrive at the salon 20 minutes prior to your appointment, so that we can apply numbing cream to the area. firstly we will chat and perform a consultation with you. The colour of your brows should be carefully chosen with a consideration of your personal preferences and the best match for your skin and hair colour. We also will design and shape your brows by mapping them and working with your hair direction and face shape. Once the numbing cream has taken effect, the colour is decided and we are mapped out, we are ready to start. Small hair strokes are bladed within your natural hairs with the pigment and blading tool. We work through one brow at a time. Once hairs are in place on the brow we wash over with pigment and move on to the other brow. We repeat these stages up to 3 times to ensure the brows are perfect. We then apply linesure, a product that helps draw the pigment down to give better, longer-lasting results. The treatment is finished by applying vitamin a & d to nourish and protect the brows. Aftercare is then given, along with a sachet of vitamin a & d to use at home. We will then ask you to return to the salon in 4 weeks for us to check your brows. We recommend that you have a tint and wax treatment to see the full results of your treatment and then we can decide if a top up is required. The microbladng procedure is relatively quick and painless; however, some discomfort may be felt during the application which may feel like scratching. It should take about an hour and half to have your perfect brows done. To make sure it is safe, the treatment is performed in a 100% sterilised environment and only disposable materials should be used. Although the procedure is not considered especially invasive to the skin, there are some possible risks and side effects that may occur if aftercare procedures aren't followed. Immediately after the treatment is done you can experience tenderness, dryness, itching, or swelling of your brows. The colour of your brows will be a bit darker until fully healed in about 4 weeks.


The initial healing time can take up to 4 weeks. The following is recommended to assure good aftercare: do not touch your brows for up to 48 hours.
Do not itch, pick, rub, or scratch your brows. Minimise the risk of getting the area wet for up to 7 days.
No exposure to extreme heat or cold such as a sauna or sunbathing for 10 days. Do not use any makeup products vaseline included on the area for 4 weeks. Use your vitamin a & d sachet each evening to help heal the brows. Use gentle face cleaners.



The difference between microblading and blade and shade treatment is that microblading usually yields very soft results that are ultra natural. Also, in some cases you may only have a small patch of dark coarse hair on your existing brows that could end up looking unnatural if you have microblading by itself. With blade & shade brows, shading the brow following microblading will add density and more of a defined look. Your artist can be creative in the way they achieve your desired look.


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