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Hybrid Lashes

Hybrid lashes are a combination of classic lashes and light Russian volume fans, designed to give that little bit more than a classic set but still look really natural. Each of your own lashes are extended by up to half their length. Each lash extension we use is the very highest quality from high lash couture© and designed to retain its curl, hybrid lashes used are typically 0.15mm diameter classic lashes along side 0.07mm diameter lashes made in to a fan. Of 2-4 lashes which is usually a great weight for most lashes to be able to hold comfortably without causing any discomfort or damage to natural lashes and still look very natural. The lashes are made from the highest grade of polybutylene terephthalate which Zoe controls with her factory to ensure each and every lash is produced to the very highest standard before allowing any of the team to create lash sets. Pbt is a thermoplastic semi-crystalline polymer, and a type of polyester, that is heated, moulded into the desired lash shape that sets as it cools. Lashes are available in all sizes (4mm to a whopping 18mm) and in 7 different curls give different effects so all styles can be customised to suit your requirements. Prices vary based on artist experience, prices below are average.



•Natural look
•Fabulous for hiding gaps in the lashes
•Adds a little more glamour than a classic set
•Soft and fluffy
•Will bring attention to the eyes with no need for make-up.


This type of lash is perfect for all clients, and perfect for those undecided on which lashes to start with. They give a natural look and can easily be changed to volume or classic on infills.


The procedure is pleasant, your appointment will be carried out on a reclining comfy chair or bed, if you are cold we have blankets available so you can snuggle up. Your eyes are closed during the whole time, if you suffer from claustrophobia please let us know and we can take the necessary precautions to try and give you a stress free appointment. You should not be able to feel much during the application only the odd brushes.


Although our adhesive is the most advanced on the market we still advise to try and not get the extensions wet during the first 24 hours. Steam, high humidity etc can result in the adhesive over curing too quickly and cause the bond to be brittle. Keep your extensions clean, after the first 24 hours you must clean the lashes as instructed. If you don’t clean your lashes it can cause to a build up of bacteria and lead to eye infections. Do not use any oil based products near the eyes. Brush your lashes to keep fluffy neat and tidy. Do not pick or pull your lashes as this can damage your natural lashes. Avoid sleeping on your face. Do not apply mascara, liquid or gel liner as this will adhere to the lashes and will create a breeding ground for bacteria.


You will see your eyelash extensions naturally shedding but do not be alarmed - this is completely normal, in fact your natural lashes do this everyday - but you just don’t see them. Humans shed approximately 2-5 natural lashes daily per upper lid, per eye - if we average this out at 3 per and we apply approximately 100 extensions you can expect that. After 7 days you will have lost 21 extension. After 14 days you have lost 42 extensions. After 21 days you have lost 63 extensions. It's more common to lose more lashes the first day of having lashes extensions due to the extra weight on lashes that were getting ready to shed. We offer infills on a timed basis, the most popular being a 60 minute infill. This is recommended at around 2 - 3 weeks maximum. Some clients prefer a little top up sooner or before an event etc and have a 30 minute appointment and some clients go a little longer and have 90 minutes, this is completely your choice. In an infill we remove and replace extensions that have grown out and maybe twisted and we replace the extensions that have shed.


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