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Brow Wax and Tint

The journey to fuller brows doesn’t have to be so complicated. From trusty brow pencils to brow-growing serums, there are plenty of options for crafting thicker brows. But if you’re looking for something with a little more staying power, another option is eyebrow tinting. Eyebrow tinting is the process of applying semi-permanent dye to enhance, shape, and define your brows. Tinting allows us professionals to manipulate the brow area by darkening the fine hairs that surround the perimeter of the brow to increase the width. It also allows us to darken the fine hairs in the inner core of the brow that are in less dense areas. This creates a longer brow line (brow tail) or fuller front and a more ideal shape. Eyebrow tint is made of semi-permanent vegetable dye or henna that is mixed to match your existing shade. It gives the appearance of thicker, more youthful-looking brows, we’re not making brows darker, we’re just matching your natural colour.


15 mins


The tint lasts anywhere from 3-6 weeks. To maintain colour, we suggest coming in every 4-6 weeks for touch-ups. So this treatment is perfect for those looking for semi-permanent results enhancing the natural brow.


Eyebrow tinting works on all skin types, skin tones, and hair colours. If your brows are grey or white, the process is a little trickier. Grey hair is more resistant and tends to be stubborn, so we might need to adjust the process slightly - but we can still tint!


An average session takes about 15 minutes. First, you'll consult with your brow technician to discuss how full and natural you want your brows to look. Then the specialist will prep the area, cleaning the brows. The dye is then mixed and carefully applied, first in the direction of how your brow hairs grow and then a second layer is applied in the opposite direction. The dye is left on for a few minutes to attain optimal colour, then any excess is removed with a cotton pad.


No extreme heat treatments (e.g. very hot baths or showers, saunas, steam rooms), swimming, sunbathing (including sun beds or any other exposure to uv light). For 24 hours. Try and avoid exercise or anything that makes you sweat. Do not apply any perfumed products to the area for 24 hours.

Wash your hands before scratching or touching the area. Avoid the use of make-up on the waxed or threaded area for 24 hours with the exception of mineral make-up or specialist post-treatment products. No self-tanning products to the area for 24 hours. The use of harsh make-up cleansing products could prematurely reduce your brow tint. Avoid the use of such products at all in-between treatments to prolong the colour retention of your tint. Do not pluck or tweeze in-between appointments particularly in areas where your therapist has advised re-growth. Important note: self-tanning products may alter tint colour, so we recommend using these with caution on your face in between tinting treatments. We do not recommend that you attend any brow appointments which include a tint with any self-tanning products on your face.

Please inform us immediately if you experience any problems after your treatment, including prolonged swelling, an itchy rash, bruising, or any kind of skin grazing, cuts or tearing so that we can advise the correct treatment. In the unlikely event that your skin does not return to normal within 24 hours of your treatment, seek advice from your GP.



The risks associated with eyebrow tinting are allergic reactions and infections; the skin around the eye is thinner compared to skin on the rest of the body and more susceptible to allergic reaction and irritation. We must as our duty of care to you, do a patch test to see if you’re allergic to the dye being used before fully committing to a treatment. you’ll want to avoid getting your brows wet for 12 hours after getting the treatment done. Try to use gel or cream-based cleansers to clean around the area. Your brows will stand out and look fuller right away, so you will be able to reduce the amount of product or make-up you're using on your brows immediately.


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