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DIY Skincare

In a world of financial crisis, tight schedules, harmful pollution, chemically-laden products, high anxiety, and environmental toxin overload, it is impossible for our skin not to feel and show the effects of it all! Thankfully, with a little commitment, you can maintain your skin's natural beauty in the comfort of your own home for not so much money! Obviously you cannot beat professional products and services and these will always outshine any diy or store bought products but when times are hard there are numerous ways to keep your skin healthy at home. Keep reading to get some tips and simple at-home methods to reduce stress, maintain your radiant skin, and ght the signs of aging!

Cleansing your Skin

The first step in caring for your skin is to properly clean it! Perspiration, grease, dust, stale make-up, dirt, and bacteria all collect on your skin and must be completely removed. There are many different skin types; oily, dry, sensitive, prone to acne, etc and different cleansers do better with each type based on the pH and other varying factors. Cleansing helps to clean the skin, open the pores, and allows for the skin to best absorb the products you are going to apply. If you wear a good amount of make-up, you may want to rst use a makeup remover to get the majority of the make-up off your face prior to cleansing. To properly cleanse, begin by wetting the face with lukewarm water. Apply the cleanser that is best for your skin type (If you needing advise for this please feel free to book a consultation with us and we can have a chat with you and show you our salon products to help. You can book that HERE) on your face and neck and gently massage it in circular, upward motions for at least five minutes (duration also depends on the instructions provided with the cleanser you are using). Remove by using a damp wash cloth and warm water to ensure all of the residue is removed from the face.

Toning your Skin

Next, tone your skin using skin freshener (mild), skin tonic (medium strength), or an astringent lotion (strong). Toning is important because it helps remove any remaining greasiness on your skin after the cleansing process is complete. It helps to close pores, refine skin, maintain the skin's natural pH, and if you intend to use makeup, it leaves a smooth clean texture which will hold foundation and powder much longer.

Nourishing your Skin

Nourishing your skin is also an essential part of any beauty routine. Dirt, dust, hot and cold weather, cosmetics, and even sunlight, all tend to dry out the skin, robbing it of moisture and oil. Consequently, making sure to cleanse your face each night before bed is essential to younger looking skin. Skin "foods" or moisturisers attempt to replenish nourishment to the skin, reviving its natural healthiness. Again, different moisturisers work well for different skin types. If your skin is more on the oily side, avoid moisturisers that contain oils and opt for one that contains glycerin instead. If you have drier skin, applying a moisturiser right after washing your face is benecial to prevent drying of the skin and to get moisturiser locked in right away. If you have neutral skin, you can usually get away with using a product that contains oil or glycerin. Just make sure to look for a product for neutral skin types. We adore the Jane Scrivner range of products for natural feeding skin properties. You can see these products over on the pro store or indulge in one of our Jane Scrivner facials HERE and we will give you the 7 day set absolutely FREE (worth £25)!


A facial is the quickest way of cleaning, reviving, and brightening faded skin, leaving the skin light, soft and glowing. A facial also does a thorough job of relaxing frazzled nerves so that you emerge not only looking younger but also feeling fresher and more relaxed! A facial once or twice each month will ensure rejuvenated and fresh skin for a long time to come! If it is in your budget to visit us for your facial, you can see all our facials HERE and we will pay extra special attention to your skin type and give you the most perfect facial to suit you. However, if you do not have the time or cannot afford the luxury of regular salon treatments, you can give yourself a facial at home!

Choose a time when you can be undisturbed and quiet, and get everything ready before you start so that you can relax and really enjoy it!

Follow the routine below for a quick, at-home facial:

Tie your hair away from your face and neck, using a headband to pull any remaining hair away from your forehead.

Begin by removing your makeup either using makeup remover wipes, coconut oil or another method to remove all residue from the face. Cleanse your face and neck with a good cleanser and thoroughly remove.

The next step is a gentle exfoliation to remove dead skin cells, dirt, and bacteria allowing the skin to best absorb the other products. We love using a simple, DIY exfoliant of organic coffee grounds, hot water, and warmed organic coconut oil but you can also use our wonderful professional products that are available in the salon or to buy on the Pro-store on here .

Prepare a face mask suited to your skin type. On a thoroughly cleansed and exfoliated face, spread a fairly thick layer avoiding the mouth area and creating large circles round the eyes. Then, lie on your back and keep the mask on for 15 to 20 minutes or until dry. There are many options for creating an amazing mask at home but the one we love the most is a simple concoction of organic coconut oil, honey and fresh avocado.

When the mask is dry, wash your face and neck with lukewarm water, keeping your eyes closed. Dry your skin and apply your favorite toner that is best for your skin type.

Lastly, now that the skin is thoroughly cleansed, exfoliated, and the pores are open, it is time to apply skin serum and/or moisturiser to the face. Spend some time massaging it in using upward, circular motions.

Always finish with a Facial SPF 50!

Massaging your Skin

Massaging your face is another essential practice for healthy skin and can also be really relaxing! While being an effective way to counter wrinkles, massaging is a slow process and its results are obvious only if it is practiced regularly for an extended period of time. That said, there is no doubt that massage is highly benecial for tightening facial tissues, increasing blood ow, stimulating nerves and thus, boosting collagen production.

Massage is most effective if the skin is thoroughly cleaned first . Do not forget to remove all traces of make-up, otherwise particles of dirt will end up blocking the pores of the skin. If the skin is oily, then remove oiliness by applying cleansing milk or some astringent lotion. Fresh lemon juice is also very effective in removing excess oiliness. If the skin is dry, use a good moisturiser before massaging it. Finally, apply Vitamin E cream using only enough to give sufcient greasiness to the skin so that the hands and ngers move smoothly on the face. After having cleaned the skin, press it with light but firm fingers, putting a little pressure while applying a good moisturiser. Make sure to hold the skin firmly and apply even pressure. The massage should start from the neck upwards and end at the forehead or temples because all veins and tissues get an increased blood supply by this process. The skin around the eyes is delicate, so it is advisable to apply cream on this part without pressing it in too deeply. Cream takes 15 to 20 minutes to get absorbed by the skin, so massage should continue that long. Wipe off extra cream with a cotton wool swab soaked in water (preferably rose water). The best time to massage the face is before going to bed.

Types Of Facial Massages

Slow Massage - This is the most common method of massage. The secret is to massage slowly while patting/vibrating the skin. Using the fleshy part of your finger tips, press the skin lightly but firmly. The process starts at the base of the neck at a slow speed. The speed increases as the fingers move upwards. Stroking gives rest to the nerves and the vibration is useful in subduing pain that might be caused on sensitive areas.

Fast Massage - The front half of both the palms are used to massage at speed, taking care to make a circular motion upwards.

Pressure Massage - This is a method when slow, deep pressure is applied by the fingertips and is very effective for removing pouches beneath eyes.

Stroking Massage - Cheeks are stroked with the tips of ngers and strokes are applied from the nose to the temples on both sides.

Pinching Massage - Effective for a sagging chin or wrinkles on the jawline, the skin is held, as in pinchers, between the thumb and fingers and gently massaged.

Friction Massage - This massage requires pressure on the skin while it is being moved over the underlying bone and muscle structures. Fingers or palms are usually best for this type of massage and hard movements are usually employed on the scalp while light movements are used on the face and neck.

Piano Playing Movements - This exercise develops facial muscles and makes them firm. It should be done on the entire face, especially the cheek area, with your fingers, and the movements must be supple yet brisk.

If you fancy treating yourself to an indulgent massage you can see all our gorgeous treatments HERE. Always pop buy to our special offer section too where we offer monthly specials. If you haven't seen them you can see those HERE.

DIY Skin Products DIY Face Scrub

In a bowl combine 1/2 cup of Organic Brown Sugar and 1/4 cup of Organic Avocado Oil. Mix well until combined. Scoop out a Kiwi and muddle it down and then mix it in with the sugar and oil. Store the mixture in an air-tight glass jar and refridgerate for up to two weeks.

Home-made Massage Oil

Add 1/4 cup of your favourite carrier oil to a jar or container (almond oil, avocado oil, or coconut oil are all great options) Next, choose your favourite essential oil or combination of oils and add 1 tsp total to the carrier oil. Mix well and allow to stand overnight.

Anti-wrinkle Cream Melt together 2 tablespoons lanolin or beeswax, 2 tablespoons almond oil and 1 tablespoon apricot oil. Then add 3 tablespoons lemon juice or lemon essential oil. Apricots are very rich in vitamin A and this mixture is great for helping to reduce wrinkles!

Anti-wrinkle Lotion Mix together the following ingredients: 1/4 cup of shea butter, 1 tbsp coconut or almond oil, and 16 drops of your favorite essential oil (we love lavendar, rosemary, frankincense, and lemon). Mix well by hand or in a mixer and add to a clean jar.

So there you have it! By following these simple tips, and being consistent with your routines, you can easily start having brighter, healthier, and more rejuvenated looking skin in no time at all!

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