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Prevent your nails from breaking this winter

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

It's that time of year that no matter how we try we just cannot seem to stop our nails form breaking. So we have come up with these few top tips that will help keep those fingertips in tip top condition.

Short and Sweet

Maybe not what you wanted to read but keeping your nails shorter and a more manageable length will drastically reduce the risk of your nails breaking that having longer nails.

Change your shape

We seem to find a lot more square shaped nails have more breakages tat rounded nails. So maybe it is time to switch up the style a little and opt for a more rounded style this season.

Don't forget your coat

Natural nails are no way near as tough as the ones with a coating! Our best seller is the BIAB butler in a bottle option which allows a durable strong coating ofer the natural nails. you can have this with tips, however for the best retention and to avoid breakages, natural nails are always the best option. You can look at all out nail options and prices HERE

Cuticle Oil & Hand Cream

This is one of the most common reasons for nail breaking. This time of year drys out our skin and nails causing them to be come brittle. We have our own new amazing range of Signature Cuticle Oils and Hand creams which are available in salon and online and these retail at just £6.50 and will literally change your nail care!

Gloves inside and out!

Maybe not fluffy mittens whilst sat watching emmerdale haha! But marigolds certainly for cleaning up (unless the other half and kids step up to the plate - so again gloves haha!)

Outside protect your hands and nails with some warm gloves to stop the cold air drying out your hands and nails - Plus weather can be one of the biggest causes of ageing! Give me the gloves!

Jewels not Tools

Remember to treat your nails like the sparkly loveliness that they are, picking and pulling and trying to open things are definitely going to end with repairs being needed! Treat them like jewels not tools!

Pre-Book your nail appointments

Before you leave your nail appointment be sure to book in your next appointment. Those who book their appointment in advance are much more likely to get better constant results that those who attempt to get a last minute appointment. Especially if you are on a nail rehabilitation program and trying to get your nailed and hands back into good shape, missing an appointment can be detrimental to there condition so please bare this in mind. Also with the festive season approaching we are always busier than ever so we may not be able to accommodate last minute appointments. You can view all of our diaries and appointments HERE

So with all that being said lets make those finger tips beautiful and allow you to fall in love with your nails!

If you would like to book an appointment with us please feel free to check over all our diaries HERE

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