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Zoe Has Graduated!

Celebrating Excellence: Zoe Mizon Achieves Level 7 in Aesthetics Practice

We are thrilled to announce a significant milestone in the illustrious career of Zoe Mizon. After years of relentless dedication and continuous learning, Zoe has achieved her Level 7 Masters Degree in Aesthetics Practice, marking a pinnacle of expertise in her field.

A Journey of Dedication and Excellence

Zoe Mizon’s career in the beauty and aesthetics industry spans over 22 years, during which she has remained committed to enhancing her skills and staying at the forefront of industry advancements. Her latest achievement in attaining a Level 7 in Aesthetics Practice is a testament to her dedication, hard work, and passion for excellence.

Zoe is renowned for her specialisation in the morphology of the ageing face, an area where her expertise is unparalleled. Her profound understanding and innovative techniques have garnered her a loyal clientele who travel from far and wide to benefit from her and her team’s exceptional services.

A Decorated Career

With over 15 industry awards under her and her teams belt, Zoe's contributions to the field have been widely recognised and celebrated. Her accolades are a reflection of her outstanding skill, creativity, and commitment to excellence.

Beyond her practice, Zoe has been a prominent figure in the beauty and aesthetics industry over the last 22 years globally. She frequently judges competitions and educates other[rofessionals on a worldwide scale, lending her expert eye to identify and celebrate emerging talents. Her insights and opinions are highly sought after, making her a regular feature in industry publications and on radio shows.

Zoe’s achievement of a Level 7 in Aesthetics Practice is not just a personal milestone but also an inspiration to her peers and aspiring professionals in the industry. It underscores the importance of continuous learning and staying updated with the latest advancements and techniques with many contacting her already to see if she can help them with their own journeys.

A Thank You to Our Community

We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to our clients, colleagues, and the broader aesthetics community for their unwavering support. It is your encouragement and trust that fuel our passion and drive to excel.

As Zoe Mizon celebrates this remarkable achievement, we are excited about the future and the new heights she will undoubtedly reach. Her journey serves as a beacon of inspiration for all, reminding us that with dedication and a commitment to excellence, anything is possible.

Congratulations, Zoe, on this outstanding accomplishment. Here’s to many more years of innovation, success, and beauty!


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Zoe Mizon with Her Level 7 Certificates
Zoe Mizon with Her Level 7 Certificates


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